Our values & objectives

“Independent Living” means having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens - at home, at work and in the community.


Our values

  • We are caring in our thoughts and actions
  • We are collaborative in our approach
  • We are curious about ways to improve
  • We are committed to achieving good outcomes for our tenants

Our objectives

Our 2019-2024 5-year business plan puts together a framework of achievement taking us through to the 90th anniversary of the Trust and beyond. The framework will be reviewed annually to ensure that we remain on track and are well placed to respond to future opportunities and challenges.

The core objectives which overarch the business plan are being: SMARTER, BETTER and STRONGER.

These objectives are articulated below:



Success measure

1. Smarter Capitalise on the advantages of remaining independent, though small; and minimise the disadvantages Clearer and smarter systems and processes to provide improved value-for-money services to our tenants
2. Better Continually improving the quality of our housing stock and of our services to tenants, providing homes that people want to live in Maintaining our already high level of tenant satisfaction by improving our understanding of our tenants, and our engagement with them, especially those in our street properties
3. Stronger Growing in size, while adapting to the changing needs of our tenants Achievement of growth over the next five years, and the replacement of some of our older, least popular stock with newer, better designed housing