Trust stories

The Trust stories reflect our vision to help older people to live full independent lives in the community of their choice. The stories also highlight how, in many cases, we have helped change and improve people’s lives.

The story of Margaret Hill House

In 2017 we produced a book recounting in their own words the life stories of eight tenants from Margaret Hill House.


'Memories of Tenants of Margaret Hill House' contains collected life stories from a selection of people living at Margaret Hill House in Hornsey, North London. Eight people recounted their stories, varying from people who had lived in the Hornsey area all their lives to those from elsewhere in the UK or from further afield – from Nigeria, the Caribbean and Cyprus.

Their stories show the breadth and depth of experience of the people we pass in the street and see at the bus stop. They also demonstrate the importance of memories not only for the people themselves, but for younger generations’ understanding of how Britain has become the nation it is today.

This book is available from the Hornsey Historical Society.